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L'école pour les Européens (The school for Europeans)

European Union and the Philippines shares economic, diplomatic, and political relations. There are at least 31, 961 happy and satisfied Europeans living here in the Philippines. Because of this, business establishments multiplies here in the country that caters good service for Europeans. One of those businesses is having a great school for Europeans which is the Eurocampus.  

Eurocampus was founded in the year 1992 as a unique worldwide project including two schools from two different countries. It's actually a solve project for schools such as French School Manila and the German School that have problems in terms of location. That's where the idea of Eurocampus started. The French School, German School and other schools are now inside the Eurocampus that still operates differently. One thing that differs Eurocampus from other schools is the curriculum. The curriculum is based in Germany and France. The rules and regulations are also different in the schools that is inside the Eurocampus. One thing similar is that they share most of the campus facilities, so their students can have the chance to bond.

Eurocampus offers many extra-curricular activities. Students from different nations can work together and improve their social interaction with other kids. Children can also enjoy the friendly facilities of the campus like the sports field, gymnasium, auditorium and the two swimming pool.

The classrooms inside the campus have different designs. Because Eurocampus is European culture-inspired, the management decided to base the design according to French and German lifestyle. However, the faculty rooms, sports facilities, science labs, computer labs, library and canteen have only one significant style.

Teachers, coaches and some school employees here were thouroughly trained in teaching students of different race. The school ensures quality education for students. If you will sum up everything that you need to know about Eurocampus, it's an international school that has top of the line education for the kids and quality services that no other schools can give.

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